Have you been notified that your tax return is going to be examined? Who turned you in? What do they know about you? What receipts will they need? How do you prove the money you inherited is not income? The questions can go on forever, as can your fears. The IRS instills fear in the heart of even the most fearless. Remember Al Capone?

       Should you handle the examination yourself or should you hire someone to represent you? If you hire someone, can you afford the best and if you choose someone who is cheaper, can that person adequately represent you? Again here the questions can go on forever.

       In the case of an IRS Examination, no pat answers exist. Each case is different and consequently, each answer is different. How do you find out which is best for you. Now, thanks to the Internet and telephones, access to answer has become a little easier. Call Tim Canady at (936) 588-4107 to discuss your issues.

       I have represented Taxpayers in over 400 IRS audits. Most of my clients first came to me because of IRS problems and have continued as tax return preparation clients. Generally, I have the examinations transferred to the IRS near me, which allows me some amount of control over the case. Even if you are in my area, I prefer that you do not attend the examination.

       Should you have the unpleasant experience of being the subject of a criminal investigation, my experience allows me to assist your attorney, or if you don’t have an attorney, I can recommend an excellent one. This is a specialized area and the work here is more detailed and time consuming. Consequently, the normal billing rates and payment requirements do not apply to the criminal defense area.

Hours of Operations are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Monday to Friday - Central Time

 For a Confidential Discussion of Your Specific Needs 




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