Tim Canady has been preparing Income Tax returns for clients from almost every state for over 20 years. His IRS Auditing and Criminal Investigation experience gives him a prospective, which most preparers can only dream of. His clients include farmers, oil & gas companies, insurance agents, auto repair services, used car dealers, manufacturers, multi level marketing, and wage earners to name a few. 

       Preparation includes not only Individual Returns but Corporation, S Chapter Corporations and Fiduciary Returns also. Included in the business representation and preparation is the preparation of Employment Tax Returns. 

       All returns are prepared on an aggressive basis, taking all deductions available to Taxpayers in your situation. However, under no circumstances will a return be prepared knowing the return materially mistates income or deductions are false. 

       Tim's clients in the various states send their information by overnight delivery, mail or e-mail as the circumstance dictate. One requirement is that a return can not be sent to a client without prior payment for the preparation of that tax return. 

       Tim also has a full range of prior year tax programs dating back to the mid 80's so if you have not filed your return(s) you need to file those returns before the IRS contacts you. This could possibly prevent Criminal Charges of Failure to File being instigated against you. 

Hours of Operations are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Monday to Friday - Central Time 

 For a Confidential Discussion of Your Specific Needs 




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